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Games Beaten: Metroid Fusion

While it’s true that I’ve played a lot of games, I tend not to finish most of those games.  Since I’ve been playing games for so long it’s getting harder and harder to remember whether I’ve actually finished one or not.  So going forward I decided to use this blog to keep track of such things.  Last night I finally beat Metroid Fusion.

Metroid Fusion

The Metroid games have been something I’ve dabbled in, gotten stuck or frustrated, and then got distracted by the next new shiny thing.  Last year I finally played through and beat Super Metroid so I figured it was about time to check out the sequel.  I played Super Metroid during my brief affair with the Retron 5, so I liberally used save states at difficult parts to cut down on backtracking and to save time.  I was worried going into Fusion that since I was playing on original hardware, without any technological trickery, that I would have a harder time with this game.

That turned out not to be the case.  While I felt this game was easier than Super Metroid I’m not sure if if was because it’s actually easier, or if the long hours spent with Super Metroid trained me for this game.  The controls are exactly the same, with all the power-ups from Super Metroid present and accounted for.  Fusion did feel much less obtuse since objectives are laid out plainly for you through the use of a in game computer AI.  This led to me feeling less lost and being able to explore freely without feeling like I was cheating by regularly peaking at a guide.  There were a couple times I did use a guide when I got stuck, but after reading the solution it was obvious I would’ve figured it out eventually through the logical way you approach these games.  Those save states would’ve come in real handy after the last point your allowed to save though.  Just sayin’.

I’m not surprised I only collected 49% of items since at the end I had way more energy tanks and missiles then I did bombs.  There was actually a point were I needed to carefully conserve bombs while I was just blasting missiles every which way willy-nilly.  I have no idea if finishing Fusion in just under 7 hours is a good time, but let’s just pretend it’s a world record performance and move on.

So that’s two of the four 2D Metroid games completed.  Instead of playing the one on NES I think I’ll give the GBA remake Metroid Zero a try next.  I’m waiting on a link cable to arrive though so I can transfer my save over from Fusion first.  I have no idea what that does exactly, but it’s got to give me some sort of advantage.  I don’t know why I waited to long to get into this series.  Considering there are only 4 games if you don’t count the Prime trilogy and Other M, I really don’t have a good excuse.  And yes I dabbled in those as well, but just never finished them.  If your like me and have put off playing the Metroid series – don’t, they are the most fun I’ve had with video games in awhile.



  1. I’ve been meaning to play those GBA Metroid games. Hell, I’ve been meaning to play Super Metroid. I did download that fan made version of Metroid 2 that looks like Super Metroid. Definitely need to play that sometime. Only Metroid game I’ve finished is Metroid Prime. I played a fair amount of Metroid Prime 2 but never finished that. Have you played Axiom Verge?

    • I picked up Axiom Verge during a PSN sale I think. Ii looks very cool but haven’t played it yet. I also downloaded that Metroid 2 remake as well, and that looks great as well. One of these days I’ll get around to them, into the endless queue they go! 🙂

  2. It’s a great idea to start making a list of the games you’ve beaten. This could be a cool way to get yourself playing. I thought about doing the same but I’ve only beat two or three games since then! Some that I remember being easy turned out to be pretty hard after so much time away from them!

    I had a really hard time finding a way to follow your blog. Only now writing a comment did I notice what looks like they only way at the bottom of the page of a post. You should add the ‘follow blog’ widget onto your home page. Is this a WordPress Site? It looks like it could be. And that reCaptcha makes commenting on your blogs a real pain in the butt!

    Loved the post! I would like to hear about more of your conquests 😀

    • Unfortunately I haven’t beaten anything else since I wrote that post. Hopefully that will change soon. Being an adult has a tendency to get in the way of such pursuits. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the site feedback. I’ll look into making the reCaptcha less of a PITA, and I added RSS subscription links to the sidebar as well. Thanks again!

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