Two months ago I wrote about the Valiant comics promotion for the final four issues of X-O Manowar.  To briefly summarize, each issue comes with a random mini-print done by one of 50 artists.  But there was also some original sketches randomly inserted into issues as well.  Being both a Valiant comics and original art junkie, I bought a bunch of issues in an attempt to find some.

With issue #49 I bought 10 issues and was pleased to find this sketch card by Gabe Eltaeb:


With issue #50 I mixed it up a bit.  Not only did I double down and order 20 issues instead of 10, but I spread those 20 out among several different variant covers.  I’m not much of a variant cover collector (except for weird ones like talking covers, video game styled pixel art, or cat cosplay) but I had hoped it would increase my chances of getting more sketches.  This strategy seemed to work as I pulled another three!

Up first is this X-O Bust from Barry McClain Jr:


X-O vs The Tentacle Monster by Paul Maybury:


and this striking X-O Death Stare from RAW?


I have no idea what the name of the artist is for this one.  My limited Google powers weren’t up to the task.  If anyone knows please let me know so I can give them proper credit.  The highlighter really makes the piece pop doesn’t it?

(EDIT: I finally figured out this artist is Ryan Winn.  I was sorting out my prints and noticed the same signature.  Hooray!)

So out of buying 50 comics I got 5 sketches, which seems like a pretty good deal to me.  I think the odds of pulling a piece of art was 1 in 12, so I beat the odds at least.  I also got maybe half of the 50 sketch cards too with several doubles.  If your collecting these too and are interested in trading, please leave a comment below.

All in all I thought this was an amazing promotion to end an amazing comic run.  I really hope Valiant does something like this again in the future.  Not only was it a lot of fun opening all the comics, but I was able to add several more pieces of art to my Valiant OA collection as well.