Sorry I’ve gone silent these past couple months.  There are a few things I meant to write about, but I just didn’t get around to it for one reason or another.  Then the busy season at work happened (or as I like to refer to it, “Christmas’s War Against Me”) with long hours and mandatory Sundays.  On top of that I’ve been fighting the worst winter cold in recent memory these past few weeks, and any time motivation I had to write instantly evaporated.

So instead of throwing out these ideas entirely, let’s just touch on them briefly (warning, everything’s been coming up video games lately).

I finished Earthbound a few weeks ago before Xmas Armageddon started up.  This game like many RPGs and Zeldas is one I’ve started many times but never stuck with and actually finished.  As completely crazy as the fans of this game are, I decided it was finally time play through it and see what the big deal was all about.  So throughout October and November I slowly chipped away at Earthbound and enjoyed it quite a bit.  It’s pretty much your standard Super Nintendo 16-bit RPG, but it has a couple different fun play mechanics that definitely sets it apart.  The setting too is not your typical Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest fare that you come to expect from games of this era.  Seeing Midwestern American pop culture tropes being distilled through a goofy Japanese sensibility is well worth admission.  Just don’t pay those insane eBay prices for a copy, mmm-kay?  Hooray, another game beaten!

Having sold a few things on eBay I used the funds to finally purchase a XRGB Framemeister video up scaler.  While I love playing games in my game room, the futon in there doesn’t provide the same level of comfort the Lazy Boy recliner in my living room does.  So I broke my new Framemeister in by playing Earthbound in full reclined comfort as God intended.  It’s an amazing little unit and worth the price of admission if your looking to get the best image out of your old game consoles on a modern flat panel TV.  The price scared me off for years, but I’m glad I finally took the plunge as Micomsoft recently announced that production of these units will be ending in 2017.  Hooray for great timing!

While being sick (and sick of work) I also played through the first season of The Walking Dead on my PS Vita.  I’ve been in a Walking Dead mood ever since catching up on the comic series in preparation for the new season.  Plus I need to start actually playing the games in my ever increasing Vita game hoard.  This is another game folks seem to like quite a bit and I see why.  The story had strong characters and kept me coming back, going to some pretty grim places I didn’t see coming.  I haven’t played any of these adventure games from Telltale before, but I like how they’ve adapted older adventure style games with a more modern touch.  It was also the perfect game to pick up and play when I only had a half hour or so to myself before going to work.  I’ll certainly be checking out the second game soon as well.  Hooray, yet another game beaten!


It’s also been forever since I found any old video games at a thrift store, but during a Thanksgiving week visit I found a Philips CD-i and a stack of “games”.  I’m not expecting much from it in the way of entertainment, but I look forward to trying these out in the new year.  The CD-i is a system I have absolutely zero experience with and have never stumbled upon before.  That’s good enough of a reason to part with twenty bucks if not to try out those weird as hell Zelda games.  Hooray for crappy FMV and edu-tainment!

In the coming new year I’m going to attempt to keep up with this blog.  It’s not a resolution exactly (ok not at all), but I’ll certainly try to keep all three of you reading this mildly entertained.  Thanks a lot for reading this silly blog, and let’s see if we can all keep it together in 2017.