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The X-O Manowar Micro Print Lottery Part 2

Two months ago I wrote about the Valiant comics promotion for the final four issues of X-O Manowar.  To briefly summarize, each issue comes with a random mini-print done by one of 50 artists.  But there was also some original sketches randomly inserted into issues as well.  Being both a Valiant comics and original art junkie, I bought a bunch of issues in an attempt to find some.

With issue #49 I bought 10 issues and was pleased to find this sketch card by Gabe Eltaeb:


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The X-O Manowar Micro Print Lottery

The current run of X-O Manowar is ending with issue 50.  To commemorate it’s amazing run Valiant Entertainment is randomly inserting one of 50 “micro-prints” of the main character rendered by 50 different artists into the last 4 issues.  The kicker is that they are also randomly inserting original art sketches, which totally got me on board.  I felt that I was showing unparalleled maturity and restraint by only ordering 10 copies.

X-O 47 Stack

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Valiant Comics, they were originally around in the 90’s.  A time in history where everyone collected comics, and gimmicks to sell books ruled.  As a young adult during this time I really couldn’t get enough.  I was a big fan of Valiant then, so when the company came back a few years ago I was totally on board for the relaunch.  So far it’s been (mostly) awesome, and I absolutely love these books. Continue reading

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