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Rated E For Epic Pantsu?

I recently picked up GalGun: Double Peace for the PS Vita and discovered this funny ESRB misprint on the back:

GalGun Rated E For "Extra Pantsu Waifu Moe" time!

Of course the game is rated M for Mature, but seeing that innocent looking E next to the descriptor “Sexual Content” made me giggle like a little girl.  Since the game is only being sold online there is no recall currently in place.  In case you’ve never heard of GalGun, instead of trying to explain I’ll just let you watch the trailer.

After watching that again myself I’m starting to question why I admitted to buying this game publicly, but rest assured it’s purely for “research purposes”.  Um yeah, that’s it! (Please don’t put me on any secret government video game pervert watch list OK?)

I’m sure this mistake will be corrected soon.  So if these sorts of weird things deserve a place in your video game collection too, pick one up sooner than later.

A Retro Gamer’s Shopping Guide To Brexit

With the British Pound hitting a 31 year low in the after effects of Brexit, those of us living in the United States are looking at a really good exchange rate.  I remember years ago wanting to buy music and games imported from Britain, and basically having to double the price to get a rough idea of what it was going to cost me in US dollars before shipping fees.  Today’s rate was $1.33 US for one British Pound which is a long ways off from what it used to be.  Here are some suggestions on what to get while the getting is good:

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As seen downtown…

Pokémon Go Cop Meme

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